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Once you have put all the items in your cart, you are ready to check out. Go to your cart (top right hand corner of page). Be sure to  add a note to your order if you are sending a card. You can type special instructions for us (date to be sent, message for greetings card, etc). 

Then you are ready to check out- this is where you will enter your details and recipient details, and pay. Click the red button shown in the image below. "Check Out"

Most people get us to send out the gift passes for them, but if your recipient will pick up the gift vouchers themselves, then you can select the box just before you pay. This will deduct $1.80 from the order. It is important you tell us who will pick it up in the message box that you were prompted with at the cart. If you have missed this, you can click back until you end up there again.

  • We charge a small premium for our online store prices compared to our normal ticket prices in order to cover our e-commerce costs and premium paper gift card costs.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** Please don't forget to add any special instructions for us, like the message you want us to write in the card, how you want to divide any Candy Bar Credit, etc, when you are finished browsing and get to the "cart". You can add your instructions simply by clicking on the red text and typing. This will be directly under the list summary of the products you are buying, as pictured below.