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10 Trip Student/Adult Gift Pass before 5pm

Regent 3 Cinemas Masterton Wairarapa NZ

10 Trip Student/Adult Gift Pass before 5pm

  • The ultimate in gift ideas for cinema lovers. Simply buy here, and we'll prepare the pass, handwrite the greetings card, and send it on its way within 1-2 business days. Easy!
  • Valid for all screenings before 5pm for adults, or for students at all times (with valid student ID). Printed on high quality textured card. Saves 30% off the normal ticket price.
  • Can be used by the bearer to get friends or family into the movies too. Each admit will get a stamp on the back of the card until its used up.
  • When you are ready to buy, go to the checkout page (text button in top right hand corner), review your order, and click the yellow "Paypal Check Out" button. This will then take you to the secure paypal website where you can pay with credit or debit card, enter the address details, and complete the transaction.


1) At check out and shipping you'll be asked for the destination address in Wairarapa.
2) If you buy the greeting card option then you will be prompted at shipping/checkout for your personalised message to the recipient, as well the the recipient address. There will be a box that says "additional comments"- add your gift card message here.
3) We charge a small premium buying online to cover our paypal, e-commerce and postal  fees that we incur while offering this option.
4) Obviously if you are buying multiple gifts you don't want to pay twice for a personalised gift card. To ensure you are not overcharged simply add one gift pass into the cart WITH greetings card, and for the remaining passes select WITHOUT gift card. 
E.g. : Lets say you want 4 passes to give to grandchildren and 1 pass for a parent. Select one gift card that includes greetings card (adult or child doesn't matter). Add that to the cart by pushing the add to cart button. For the remaining 4 passes you should select the variant option "without" gift card, click the plus symbol 4 times to add 4 passes, then add to the cart as you did for the first one. Then you can go to your cart and pay with credit card as per normal, but you won't be charged too much for unnecessary gift cards.
5) Does not include 3D entry (just pay difference).

***VERY IMPORTANT*** Please don't forget to add any special instructions for us, like the message you want us to write in the card, how you want to divide any Candy Bar Credit, etc, when you are finished browsing and get to the "cart". You can add your instructions simply by clicking on the red text and typing. This will be directly under the list summary of the products you are buying, as pictured below.

Here is another example...we really don't want to have to send your card out with no writing!


 So it should look like this before you click "Check Out". If you are not sending a greetings card, buying Candy Credit, or flowers you don't need to worry about this.

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