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Candy Bar Credit Add-on

Regent 3 Cinemas Masterton

Candy Bar Credit Add-on

  • For single gift passes, a candy bar credit add-on turns a great gift into a perfect one.  We will just add it to the vouchers you specify in the instruction/message box at check out.
  • Can be used for anything in our candy bar. 
  • If you are buying say $20 dollars Candy Bar credit, and you are also buying 4 single gift passes to give to a group of people (grandchildren etc) just tell us how you want to split it up in the special instructions box that you'll be prompted with at Check Out. E.g. We could split it evenly and gift everyone $5 credit each to spend, or as you wish.


1) Change over $5 can be given for unspent credit via credit note. We'll write whats left over on the voucher and sign it off, so it can be used next time.

***VERY IMPORTANT*** Please don't forget to add any special instructions for us, like the message you want us to write in the card, how you want to divide any Candy Bar Credit, etc, when you are finished browsing and get to the "cart". You can add your instructions simply by clicking on the red text and typing. This will be directly under the list summary of the products you are buying, as pictured below.

Here is another example...we really don't want to have to send your card out with no writing!


 So it should look like this before you click "Check Out". If you are not sending a greetings card, buying Candy Credit, or flowers you don't need to worry about this.

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